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Meet Tex. Roper boots with unmatched comfort that can be worn on any occasion. Along with its clean silhouette, it features a lower heel than the typical cowboy boot, which makes it easy to get in and out of a saddle stirrup. Whether you’re a cowboy or you simply appreciate boots, the roper might just be the perfect fit for you.


TOE Round
HEEL 1 ⅛"

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May 18, 2021
Tex Roper in Russet
Bought the Tex in Russet and came very nicely boxed and packaged. The leather is very good quality being soft, smooth and supple and beautifully dyed and a nice burnished toe and heel. All stitching is top notch and even. One little blemish on the counter that they touched up and blended with the dye.. not a problem glad they corrected it!
My foot went in very snugly, and the fit seemed pretty tight in the heel and sides. Much tighter and perhaps a half size smaller that all my other 9D boots I own. And I own a lot! Closer inspection of the insole revealed the fairly thick foam cushion that spills up the sides of the inside and counter, appeared to be too big and not trimmed to fit. This thick insole was causing the odd fit, and the heel foam was folding over under my heel. I’m sure their goal was to have the feel of a athletic shoe.
Love the boot, so I decided to tear out the foam footbed(it’s just glued in but the toe area was a bugger!). Very cheap soft foam. Besides the crowded fit, the foam will eventually absorb foot odor, like a running shoe and smell. Which an all leather boot rarely does. I peeled off the thin leather top of the foam and put it back in the boot, covering the heel nails and leather insole.
Now the fit is perfect and true to size!
I’m sure the foam would have eventually compressed to my foot, but now just the leather insole will do that much better. And now more of a fresh leather smell inside the boot as well!
Overall happy with them, great value and wouldn’t hesitate to order another pair or two.


Oct 16, 2020
I've been buying Lucchese for years and Tecovas for the past 4 years or so. I bought these cause, well I'm from Texas and found a good deal on boots. Amazing comfort. 5 star look out of the box. Soft leather and I love the insole. Super comfortable. My only complaint is I wish they had some exotics available for purchase. I bought Tecovas first style from their original shop in downtown ATX and I see where they are now. I know it takes time but I can only hope these boots become as popular because they are equal and even better than Tecovas in several categories. Keep up the great work and get to producing some reptile and ostrich designs.


Oct 3, 2020
Best roper period
As I write this I have been wearing the Tex boots all day. So soft and comfortable. Great build quality. I was a big fan of Lucchese and I have a few classics I wore next to these. I am amazed at the quality next them. These TEX boots are honestly of better quality then most of my Lucchese boots that cost 3-4 times as much. My wife thought I bought another $700 plus pair of boots but nope they were much less. I am exited to see some more styles and exotics. I will look to add another color as well. Thanks!
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